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How to Play Sbobet

How to play SBOBET

Our website has made a guide how to play SBOBET on the site for everyone who have never used before.
You can follow simple steps with each picture and easy to understand by yourself.

First of all, you have access to the website

Sbobet login

Website page to play Sbobet Mobile
Login page on the website via sbobet mobile.

Fill your ID and password to enter the Login Name and Password respectively, the system will bring you to the next menu.

หน้าเปลี่ยน password
Change password on website after login.

“The system will require you to change your password first.
The current password field, enter the password that the company sent. (Which you used to login when you came in)
The second and third field, you enter the new password that you set up, The password must have number and alphabet at least 8 characters and enter the number to match the website show up to the fourth field .”

The First field Current password: This field is used to enter the password received from the company
The Second field New Password: This channel allows customers to reset their password. Must have number and alphabet at least 8 characters
The Third field Confirm Password: This field allows the customer to re-enter a new password like the password that put before.
The Fourth field Validation Code :  Enter the number shown on the orange box.

After entering all information, press the OK button. The system will take you to the next page.

หน้าหลักหลังจาก login สำเร็จ
Main page after login successfully

The picture below is a window to enter for soccer betting after pressing the menu in the upper right. (At the 3 line symbol)

เมนูแทงบอลบนเว็บไซต์ sbobet
Soccer Betting Online Menu


Live : Live soccer playing
Today : Match play today
Early Market : Match play soon
OE & TG : Score Odd or Even
1×2 & DC Bets can be made by either selecting a Home Win, a Draw or an Away Win. Bets will be settled at the end of normal time play, excluding extra time and penalties (where applicable)
FT FH CS : Bet on Full Tim ,First Half or Correct Score
HT.FT : Bet on the half time and full time results of a designated match, (note that the bet is void if the match is played in a time format not expressly provided in the Specific Sports Betting Rules).
Mix Parlay : A mix parlay bet is a bet which combines multiple selections of different games or matches offered by the bookmaker for betting. A mix parlay bet which combines different selections within the same game or match are not allowed where the outcome of one affects the other.
Outright : Bet involves the selection of a winner in a tournament, competition, league or event either from the onset or at any stage of the tournament, competition, league or event prior to the conclusion of the competition where the results are still undecided

The picture below is the SBOBET ODDS on the site. If you want to play any match you just choose that ODDS by the H is the home team and A is the visiting team.




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